100 Years Ago* The thermometer in Annapolis...


100 Years Ago

* The thermometer in Annapolis registered 96 degrees today. The midshipmen were given liberty because of the heat and having concluded their examinations. The graduation class will number 41. -- The Sun, June 1, 1895.

* The Annapolis City Council granted the Potomac & Chesapeake Telephone Co. of Washington the privilege to erect poles and use the streets of Annapolis for the purpose of a telephone exchange. -- The Sun, June 2, 1895.

* John DePeysien Darew reached Annapolis today from New York on a bicycle, a distance of 240 miles, in three days, two hours and 50 minutes. He has ridden 7,400 miles in the past four months. -- The Sun, June 22, 1895.

* A new Methodist Church is to be erected near Camp Parole, two miles from Annapolis. -- The Sun, June 30, 1895.

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