Rainy-day fun designed to draw smiles


When the weather forecast calls for rain, surprise your kids with a new idea they'll enjoy indoors and out. They can make rain paintings.

You'll need a sheet of drawing paper, nontoxic washable markers (colored sidewalk chalk also works) and a cookie sheet or tray.

Place the paper on the cookie sheet or tray and draw a picture. Your child may be inspired to draw geometric shapes and designs.

When complete, check the weather outside and wait until there is a light drizzle or misty rain. Set the artwork outside on a picnic table or your porch for a few minutes. The colors will "bleed" to create a pretty painting. Bring the tray inside and set the picture on newspaper to dry.

If your child loves to paint with a brush, here's another idea to try when the rain is pouring down. Put a sheet of drawing paper on a tray and set it outside until the paper is very wet. Set the brush xTC in the rain too. Bring the tray and brush inside and set them on a newspaper-covered table. Pour small amounts of nontoxic watercolor paint (from tubes) or liquid tempera paint onto plastic plates. Let your child experiment with the colors. When the picture is complete, remove it from the tray to dry.

Note: Do not go outside to do these activities if there is lightning.

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