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Board votes to move students


The Anne Arundel County school board voted last night to move 1,640 students to new schools beginning in the fall.

Some of those transfers won't take effect immediately, however, because they rely on the completion of school construction projects.

Thomas E. Florestiano warned his fellow board members of that development before they voted.

"It's a massive financial undertaking that we're making, make no doubt about it," Mr. Florestiano said.

For example, rather than build a single new elementary school for $9 million, the plan calls for spending $7.1 million to build wings of six or eight classrooms at six schools; Crofton, Davidsonville, Freetown, Jones, Windsor Farm elementaries and Crofton Middle School. In addition, five new schools would have to be built.

Another problem with the plan is that changes affecting schools in Annapolis are moot.

County Executive John G. Gary has told the board that he will not release money to plan renovations for Adams Park Elementary until its attendance boundary has been decided.

"It probably doesn't matter if you pass any amendments for Annapolis because if you go through" with the Adams Park renovation and reopen the school, the board will have to draw new attendance boundaries again, Thomas Rhoades, director of information management services, told the board. "The plan for Annapolis wouldn't take effect until 1997, and then the old plan isn't going to work because we'll have new boundaries."

Among the changes the school board approved:

* About 10 students along St. Stephens Church Road who would have moved to South Shore Elementary will continue to attend Millersville Elementary.

* About 740 students from George Fox Middle School will remain there instead of transferring to Chesapeake Bay Middle School.

* About 77 students will remain at Oakwood Elementary School instead of transferring to Quarterfield Elementary School.

* About 83 students from the Stony Brook and Mount Pleasant subdivisions will remain at High Point Elementary School instead of moving to Sunset Elementary School.

* And about 67 students from the developments of Turf Valley, Mansion House Manor and Dunbrook and the Humpty Dumpty Day Care Center will continue to attend High Point Elementary School instead of moving to Sunset Elementary.

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