Huerta turns down Baltimore offer


It apparently will take more than a dispersal draft to unite former Las Vegas Posse place-kicker Carlos Huerta and the Baltimore Football Club.

Miami-based attorney Dave Schull rejected Baltimore's initial contract offer yesterday, then said Huerta will "remain retired" for now.

"The sticking point is, Carlos doesn't want to be trapped with no way out," said Schull, who is representing Huerta.

Baltimore chose Huerta in the first round of Tuesday's dispersal draft of Posse players. The team is willing to renegotiate Huerta's contract -- he made $25,000 last season -- but also wants to extend it through the 1996 season. Therein lies the problem.

Schull said Huerta would agree to an extension if he had an escape clause after the 1995 season to join certain NFL teams. He also said Huerta has a standing offer to play for the Seattle Seahawks and his former University of Miami coach, Craig Erickson.

Furthermore, Schull said he thinks Huerta should make more this season than Baltimore is scheduled to pay Donald Igwebuike ($33,000). "They have to pay him more than Igwebuike," Schull said. "He's worth the money. We're dealing with nickels and dimes."

Huerta, 25, filed a letter of retirement two weeks ago with the league to protest the handling of the Posse situation.

Meanwhile, Baltimore announced yesterday it has released slotback Shawn Beals, who started 14 games a year ago and had 28 catches.

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