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SINCE their conception, cars have been a...


SINCE their conception, cars have been a thorn in the side of the average human being. People are run down by them, choke on their fumes, and become generally annoyed.

But on whose shoulders does this blame really fall? The cars themselves are not the cause, nor even the people who produce them. The real responsibility belongs to the drivers.

Imagine how much more pleasant the ride into work would be every day if everyone used turn signals when they were turning or changing lanes and then turned them off when they were finished. Imagine how much calmer the average commuter would be if the driver in front of them didn't throw on their brakes every five seconds.

Of course, there will always be people who drive in a dangerous, careless and extremely aggravating manner and -- while it is still illegal to drag them from their car and beat them to death with their gear shift -- the car will continue to cause stress in the life of the average human being.

* * *

EDITORIAL comment from the Philadelphia Daily News, April 13:

Prosecutor Marcia Clark has had multiple incarnations since the beginning of the O.J. Simpson trial.

First, it was short skirts and shoulder-length curly hair. Then the tight, slick gheri-curl look -- which, thankfully, softened as it grew out.

Now Marcia has a smooth do that looks a little like Liza Minnelli's and a lot like the soft short bobs seen in eighth grade yearbooks, circa 1965.

What's next?

The answer could emerge from Allen Edwards, Marcia's current image-meister. It was he who designed Farrah Fawcett's loose cascade of golden curls and waves in the '70s.

Might a blonde have more fun as the hard-driving lead prosecutor in the trial of the century?

Maybe so. Anything goes in Judge Lance Ito's courtroom.

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