Raves for cavesHere's lodging that's so far...


Raves for caves

Here's lodging that's so far off the beaten path, it's under it.

Fourteen caves, with hot and cold running water, electricity and indoor plumbing, are available for rent by the night or by the week in the Spanish mountain village of Galera in Granada. There's no air-conditioning, but year-round temperatures in the caves hover at 68 degrees. Rates range from $30 per night or $170 per week for a one-bedroom cave for two to $70 per night or $408 per week for a five-bedroom underground apartment that can accommodate seven.

And you won't be the only cave-dweller, because several communities in the Andalusian provinces of Jaen and Granada still dwell in caves carved in the clay hillsides -- updated, of course, with modern conveniences, according to the Tourist Office of Spain. For more information, call the office at (212) 759-8822.

Beach Boys under sail

The Big Red Boat is sailing to the Bahamas with the legendary Beach Boys for a combination cruise and concert May 14-19. The renowned group has spanned three decades and produced some of America's most-loved pop tunes.

The band will join passengers on one portion of the regular Nassau-Port Lucaya itinerary of both the Star/Ship Atlantic and the Star/Ship Oceanic. The group will leave Port Canaveral on the Star/Ship Atlantic Sunday, May 14, perform at Nassau in the Bahamas on Tuesday, May 16, and sail back to Port Canaveral on the Star/Ship Oceanic, arriving Friday, May 19.

Per-person prices -- including tickets to see the group's concert -- range from $649 to $1,329, based on double occupancy, including airfare.

Reservations can be made through any travel agent.

Glamorous destinations

Do your vacation plans meet fashion industry standards? Here are the 10 U.S. travel destinations -- "the absolute musts" -- every American should see, according to the April issue of

Glamour magazine (listed alphabetically):

* Beverly Hills, Calif.

* Charleston, S.C.

* Glacier National Park

* The Grand Canyon

* Louisiana plantations near New Orleans

* Manhattan

* San Francisco

* U.S. Capitol

* Walt Disney World

* Yellowstone

Sesame Place splash

From the beak of an 8-foot-tall Rubber Duckie perched 50 feet in the air, a huge blast of water sprays over the crowds. That is the gist of the new water ride now under construction at Sesame Place in Langhorne, Pa. Towering nearly five stories high, Sky Splash will be the newest expansion at Sesame Place, the family-oriented "Sesame Street" themed amusement park near Philadelphia.

Designed for families or friends to enjoy together while floating in giant raft-like tubes, Sky Splash is in the park's Twiddlebug Land section, where everything is giant-sized so adults and kids share the perspective of the tiny beetle-like creatures who live in Ernie and Bert's window box on Sesame Street. The oversized whimsical theming on Sky Splash includes an 11-foot shower head that gushes streams of water into "sky" ponds, and giant Tinker Toys spinning water over the 12-foot-wide slide. From the top of the Rubber Duckie slide tower to the splash-down pool, the water ride is some 500 feet long.

Also new to Sesame Place this year is the special-effects video show, "The Amazing Adventures of Elmo and Zoe."

Sesame Place will be open April 29 through Oct. 8. Operating days vary throughout the season. A single admission price of $21.95 (10 percent amusement tax included) entitles visitors to all in-park activities. Guests age 55 and older pay $18.95, and children under age 2 are admitted free. Season memberships and family discounts are available. Call (215) 752-7070.

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