100 Years Ago* An attempt was made...


100 Years Ago

* An attempt was made to murder John Shriner, a young man who had been living with Thaddeus Starr, near Otter Dale Mills, in this county, on Wednesday of last week. Shriner was in the haymow of his employer's barn, throwing hay to his horses, when some unknown person fired a shot from a pistol, the bullet passing through the intended victim's hat. Shriner fled to the house, where he recounted his narrow escape and obtained help to search for his assailant. But when the searching party reached the barn, the would-be murderer had disappeared. The shooting occurred about 9 o'clock in the morning.

This attempt to kill Shriner was the culmination of a series of events dating back about a month. The young man is the owner of a buggy, which he kept in Mr. Starr's barn. About a month ago, a wheel was removed from the vehicle, and, at the same time, a gum blanket disappeared. Shriner anticipated a renewal of the mischief and was on the watch. On Friday night previous to the attempt to murder him, he and a son of Mr. Starr discovered that someone was in the barn. Shriner, armed with a double-barreled shotgun, saw a man making off with another buggy wheel. He fired twice at the marauder. The last shot probably struck the man, as he dropped the wheel and made off.

After the attempt to kill Shriner, an officer at Union Bridge was notified and on Thursday made a thorough search of the barn and found the missing wheel and blanket hidden under hay. On the blanket was written with a red lead pencil in distinct and well-formed letters: "You shot me, Shriner. I'll kill you. I'll kill you, if I have to take you out of bed." -- American Sentinel, March 16, 1895.

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