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R. Kenneth Mundy, 64, the flamboyant attorney...


R. Kenneth Mundy, 64, the flamboyant attorney who defended Washington, D.C., Mayor Marion S. Barry Jr. against cocaine and perjury charges five years ago, died Friday of a heart attack at Holy Cross Hospital after experiencing breathing problems at home. "I resort to histrionics more than the normal lawyer," said the lawyer known for wearing flashy hats outside the courtroom and for winning over juries with his razor-sharp wit and courtroom style.

Mary McCormack, 70, who was stricken with polio in 1948 while pregnant and made headlines when she was removed from her iron lung to have the baby, died Monday in Santa Clara, Calif. She eventually regained enough muscle strength in her lungs to free herself of her respirator, but she could never be far from breathing assistance.

Samuel Magee Green, 85, a noted watercolor painter and former art professor at Wesleyan University, died Wednesday in Middletown, Conn. His art has been displayed at the New York World's Fair and is included in the collections of several museums.

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