Grab heart-shaped glasses: Flirty girl sought for 'Lolita'


Talent scouts from Mike Lemon Casting of Philadelphia are holding an open casting audition tomorrow, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. They are looking for the lead in the feature film, "Lolita," which is being produced by Richard ("Jaws" and "Driving Miss Daisy") Zanuck and directed by Adrian ("Flashdance" and "Fatal Attraction") Lyne. This will be a remake of the 1962 bizarre satire about a man's unconventional obsession with a nymphet. It starred James Mason and Sue Lyon as the naughty pair and caused quite a stir in the early '60s.

The girl who will land the role of Lolita should be between the ages of 13 and 17, white, with a look that can go from being childlike to intensely erotic in a split second. Imagine that! If your child fits this combination of innocence and provocativeness, stop by, do not call, the Tremont Place Hotel, Hopkins Room, 222 St. Paul Place.

Take a photo (althought it won't be returned), and since applicants are under 18, they must have a parent's permission and be accompanied by an adult.

Mike Lemon Casting was the same company which handled casting for "Twelve Monkeys," the film being shot in Baltimore. Speaking of "Twelve Monkeys," two of the film's stars, Bruce Willis and Madeleine Stowe, were seen shooting some scenes at the seedy Congress Hotel on West Franklin Street, which will be called the Globe in the movie.

Believe it or not, this once-glorious hotel is rumored to have some Hollywood in its history. I'm told Henry Fonda married his first wife, Margaret Sullivan, there in 1931, when both were appearing at the old Maryland Theatre, which was adjacent to the Congress before it fell victim to the wrecking ball some years ago.

President Bill Clinton's recent trip to Haiti brought back lots of memories for Baltimore contractor Victor Frenkil. He called to tell me about a trip to Haiti about 40 years ago when he led the U.S. effort to donate and treat, with penicillin, members of the Haitian population who were then exposed to Yaws -- an infectious tropical disease.

"Whatever happened to" Sue Serio? She worked at WBAL-AM at the age of 18, while attending Towson State University and she also worked at WMAR-TV, before leaving town many years ago. I've just learned that this gal got married to Bill Vargas here in Baltimore on New Year's Eve, and they are a television couple. Sue wakes up the viewers of WIVB-TV, Channel 4, in Buffalo, N.Y., with her 6 a.m. "Wake Up" show and you might say, her husband puts them to sleep at night. Hopefully not. "Billy V," as he's known, is the sports anchor for the 5 p.m. and 11 p.m. news at the same station. What luck. Do you know what the odds are that a married couple in the same business land jobs at the same place in the same city?

Every kid's dream -- the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers will be at the Baltimore Arena, May 10-14. (Tickets for the stage performance are $25, $15, $12.50 and $9.50.) Sounds like a good Mother's Day present -- I mean Dad can take the children to see the Power Rangers, while Mom stays home!

Did you see "Rudy," the film made a few years ago about a young man, Daniel "Rudy" Ruettiger, who barely had enough talent to make it onto Notre Dame's football squad? But he made the team and for two years sat on the bench, until there was 27 seconds left in the last game of his senior season -- with the fans chanting his name, Rudy trots onto the field.

After that 27 seconds of fame in 1975 was captured on film, Ruettiger began traveling throughout the country giving motivational speeches. He'll be the guest speaker at Mount de Sales Academy's gala dinner on May 13 at the Columbia Inn. Tickets are $65 each or two for $120. Reservations a must, call (410) 744-8847.

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