Next month's town elections to have only one race: for mayor


The only race in the town of Sykesville next month will be for mayor.

While Jonathan S. Herman must run against Maxine Wooleyhand to retain his seat, three incumbent council members will run unopposed May 2.

When the town accepted nominations for the four positions last night at the town council meeting, no one challenged incumbents William Hall, Michael Kasnia and Michael Burgoyne.

Councilman Garth Adams asked if the lack of candidates showed a lack of interest.

"I think it's just the opposite," said Mayor Herman. "I see it as people being happy with what's going on."

Wiley Purkey, a former councilman, called the election "an affirmation of what the council has been doing."

Bruce Greenberg, a town businessman, said five years ago municipal government was marked with "conflict and unhappiness."

He called the nominations last night "a real compliment to the council. The citizens have decided you are all ready for another go-around."

Ms. Wooleyhand, a one-time council member who lost her seat in 1991, ran unsuccessfully for mayor against Kenneth Clark two years ago. She has said frequently that voters should have a choice of candidates. She nominated herself for the position and was seconded by her husband.

Councilman Kasnia nominated Mr. Herman, who was appointed to the job last October at Mr. Clark's resignation.

Mayor Herman must seek election to the four-year office, according to the town charter.

The council laughed as the mayor closed nominations and quipped that it would be a tough race for everybody.

"I wish you all the best of luck," said the mayor.

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