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THE 27-by-7 1/2 -inch section that fell...


THE 27-by-7 1/2 -inch section that fell from a Delta Boeing 727 onto a tennis court at a Des Moines high school didn't hurt anyone and didn't affect the flight of the plane -- but it's still a bad sign.

When planes start falling apart people begin to get nervous -- whether they're in the air or on the ground. Remember how those animals laughed at Chicken Little when he said the sky was falling?

Maybe somebody owes him an apology.

* * *

UPDATE on the new home development known as Woodlands at Coldspring, Greenspring Avenue and Spring Garden Drive:

First, Mayor Schmoke's recently announced tax break for new home buyers may be luring potential purchasers to the site where construction has begun on 57 townhouses and pre-construction work is being done for 46 single-family homes. Some eight individual homes are under contract and 22 townhomes have been sold.

Recently, to help stir interest, the developer offered $2,000 in free options to the next person to sign a contract on a single-family home; that was quickly snapped up. That bonus may be used to help defray the cost of such amenities as a deck, a fireplace (wood- or gas-burning), bay windows or hardwood floors. The individual houses sell for between $137,000 and $162,900, the townhouses for less than $100,000.

Remember how some area residents opposed the development, saying it would ruin the ecosystem of the Cylburn Arboretum's perimeter? Well the developer must think those woods are pretty special too; there's a $2,000 fee added to the cost of homes whose backyards abut the woods. The homes are being constructed by Ryland Homes and Struever Bros. Eccles & Rouse.

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