300 at center of Mattes' monster series


Steve Mattes, a native Baltimorean, lives in White Marsh and bowls tenpins at Brunswick Perry Hall and Fair Lanes Towson.

"I've been bowling for 28 years," Mattes said, "And the best time of my bowling life was the three hours on the lanes in the Friday [Mixed Foursome] league last week."

That night, bowling against his wife Mary Ellen's team, Mattes hammered out games of 249, 300 and 258 for a 807 series.

Before the perfect second game Mattes had a career high individual game of 289.

"The best series I ever had was only 729," Mattes said. "After I threw the 300 I did start to think about the 800."

Tossing 30 strikes out of the possible 36, Mattes finished his three-game series in spectacular fashion.

"I didn't have any open frames the last game," he said. "And I finished with five straight strikes."

Currently averaging 202, he has been using a 15-pound Piranha and working on his follow-through.

"Those two things have helped a lot," Mattes said, "And I'm concentrating a lot better now."

Another 300 game

Less than a week after Mattes rolled his perfect game, John Markel Jr., bowling in the same center, posted his first 300 game.

"I've been bowling since I was 9 years old, started at the old Cedonia center," Markel said. "The best I ever had was a 290."

Born in Rosedale and living now in Middle River, he is active in three leagues -- Monday and Thursday at Country Club Lanes and Tuesday in the Men's Foursome at Perry Hall Brunswick.

Throwing a 16-pound Burgundy Hammer, he carries a 204 average.

The 300 game was bracketed by a 205 and 206 for a 711 series.

"The first game and the last I just didn't carry anything," Markel said. "I think that in the 300 game I was lifting through the ball better."

570 on the duckpin lanes

Corinne Lipka of Essex is active in the Monday Major Mixed and the Friday Doubles at Middlesex. She also bowls in the Wednesday pro women's travel league.

Lipka was late getting to the lanes for her Monday league on March 13.

"I didn't have time to throw a practice ball," she said. "I just walked onto the approach and started throwing strikes."

Averaging 144 this year, "the best I've ever carried, last year it was only 132," she has made an adjustment in her game. "I've slowed my feet down," she said, "And I'm making sure that I extend my arm as I throw the ball."

Using those tried and true methods, Lipka tossed an opening game of 156.

The second game was 215 and the last game, 199, could have been another 200 game.

"In the last frame [of the last game] I threw the ball across my body and one stood," she said.

NTC That's the bad news; the good news is that Lipka finished with her career high three-game series, a 570. That's just 16 pins from the women's world record of 586.

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