Goat Slaughter: Nothing JuvenileI am writing you...


Goat Slaughter: Nothing Juvenile

I am writing you in reference to the goal slaughter at North Harford High School. I feel that the actions of these young men are a disgrace to Harford County residents and that not enough is being done about it. . . . Any citizen who believes that these dTC seniors had no intention of killing the goat are just as crazy as the kids. Why else were they carrying an ax? If these students had no intention of killing the goat, or if they felt at all bad about what happened, they would not have gone to school the next day bragging about what they had done. . . .

Unless these seniors are disciplined for their actions, a precedent will be set: one that implies that killing for a prank is acceptable.

I am aware that there have been charges placed against these young men, but I am also aware that the likeliness of anything being done is slim due to the fact that they are juveniles. . . . Juveniles or not, . . . if they get off scot-free, that will be as inhumane as the killing.

Being an alumna of North Harford High, I am appalled to hear of such actions, especially from people who haven't even graduated high school yet. If bothers me that an area such as Harford County is going to remembered for the actions of these immoral high school students.

Jennifer Bostian


Motorsports Park

As residents of Glen Heights, we applaud the announcement of Harford County Executive Eileen Rehrmann and Havre de Grace Mayor Gunther Hirsch that they are opposed to the controversial proposed racetrack on the Blenheim Farm near Havre de Grace.

But we who oppose this proposed "Maryland Motorsports Park" must not become complacent because of these announcements. . . . D. Richard Rothman must seek approval of the City Council for annexation and the City Council will vote, not Mayor Hirsch, unless there is a tie. If the county should become involved, the County Council will be asked to vote. The county executive does not vote.

We must remain diligent . . . and not rest until the proposed racetrack disappears from Havre de Grace.

Robin and Doug Smith

Havre de Grace

Bel Air Elections

Thank you for your favorable assessment of my campaign for Bel Air Town Commissioner.

Bel Air and surrounding Harford County are, in my view, two of the most important jurisdictions in Maryland. I interpret your interest in the Bel Air Town elections as evidence that you, too, agree that what happens in Bel Air is important to our region and our state. . . .

Robert E. Greene

Bel Air

Women's History

The Harford County Commission for Women wishes to openly thank the Richlin Ballroom for its hospitality and cooperation while working with our recent Women's History Month brunch. ** The staff extended itself beyond the call; the facility was lovely and the food and service excellent. We have received many telephone calls praising the day. . . .

Phyllis B. Martin

Bel Air

The writer is coordinator for the Harford County Commission for Women.

More Views on Clinton's Foster Nomination

In regards to Karen Rothenberg's Perspective section piece on March 5, I would like to express my support for Dr. Henry Foster's nomination. . . .

The question should be, is he an excellent doctor? Yes. Then does it truly matter that he has performed abortions? Abortion is an issue that is part of the American mentality, whether it is right or wrong. The reality is, it must be addressed. . . .

imberly Kahmer


In a response to a column of March 5 about Dr. Henry Foster, I would like to express my support with his recent nomination. Dr. Foster is qualified for this position. His views on family planning and relations are some of the best ever proposed. . . .

Dr. Foster has made his professional services available to people for a long time. Even though he has made a few mistakes, can anyone say that he or she is perfect?

We should not judge others by opinions or stereotypes. People should be judged on their work ethic, professionalism and the ability to perform the task at hand.

Mike Levy

Bel Air

. . . Dr. Henry Foster has a great deal of appropriate training that will make a difference in this country if he is confirmed as surgeon general. Obstetrician/gynecologists have great perspective and vision from which our country can benefit.

Although sterilization of the mentally retarded and starving Down syndrome babies is considered morally and ethically wrong, the standards in the '70s when there procedures were practiced are different from today's. . . . Our analysis of Dr. Foster should not be based on the fact that he performed abortions or what he did 25 to 30 years ago. This is not a position based on one's character. It should be based on whether he has the qualities to be the right man for the job.

Emmy Muraro


I would like to commend The Sun for straying slightly from the liberal fold and recognizing President Clinton's "blunder" of nominating Dr. Henry Foster for surgeon general. However, most conservatives feel you are still missing the mark.

In the opening sentences of an editorial on Feb. 12, The Sun stated, "There is no reason to question whether Dr. Henry Foster . . . could ably serve as surgeon general. . . . The real problem with this nomination is political."

I disagree. There is a moral problem pervading the issue. Dr. Foster has performed abortions. . . . Millions of Americans believe abortion is wrong under any circumstance. We have a problem with Dr. Foster's nomination.

The editorial also mentions that abortions are "sadly, sometimes necessary." Whoa . . . the liberal, pro-abortion, determined to portray pro-lifers as idiots Sun editors suggest they find some abortions saddening? . . .

President Clinton knows he is treading on thin ice with the new Republican Congress. Why did he further antagonize the situation by nominating Dr. Foster? Was not this abortion controversy foreseeable? This "nomination blunder" does not make the White House staff "look incompetent." It shows they are incompetent.

Rebecca Ritzel

Forest Hill

The writers are students at Fallston High School.

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