25 Years Ago* We're starting a new...


25 Years Ago

* We're starting a new year and that means a new $50 deductible is required under Medicare, W. S. King, district manager of the Hagerstown Social Security office, said today. Mr. King said everyone covered by the Medicare program is personally responsible for the first $50 of his medical expenses incurred in each calendar year. After that, Medicare pays 80 percent of the covered charges. -- Community Reporter, March 6, 1970.

50 Years Ago

* In the House of Delegates, Rev. William E. Roop, farmer and minister in Westminster, spoke against a roadside bill sponsored by Gideon Stieff and said he had been told "that Mrs. Stieff keeps two cows at her lovely home in Roland Park." Mrs. Stieff, who lives at 108 Ridgewood Road, reported pleasantly that the cows were kept in the barn, which is not in Roland Park. In a letter dated Feb. 14, Mr. Roop stood firmly against the roadside bill but stood corrected on the cows in Roland Park. -- Baltimore Evening Sun, March 2, 1945.

75 Years Ago

* After innumerable delays, the Light Plant began using current from the Security system on Wednesday which, thus far, is quite satisfactory. This is a part of a great system extending as far west as Frostburg. The power for generating the current is furnished by three water power plants on the Potomac and a half dozen or more steam plants, the largest of which is located at Security. -- Union Bridge Pilot, March 12, 1920.

100 Years Ago

* The question, "Who is more responsible for the evil of the saloon, the men who sign the applications for the license, or the saloon keeper?" was discussed until the wee hours on Wednesday night last week by Wesley Chapel Debating Society. -- American Sentinel, March 9, 1895.

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