From The Sun April 9-15, 1845April 9:...


From The Sun April 9-15, 1845

April 9: A gentleman and lady who were traveling from St. Mary's County to Washington City, in January last, were robbed on the road of a portmanteau containing clothes and money in the amount of $400.

April 10: We learn that great destruction has today taken place in Cockeysville, Baltimore County, by burning of the woods. How the woods caught fire is unknown.

From The Sun April 9-15, 1895

April 10: The second anniversary of the Colored Young Men's Christian Association was celebrated last night at Trinity African Methodist Episcopal Church, Linden and Biddle.

April 12: Residents of Roland Avenue above Merryman's Lane have started a petition to the gas company asking for the extension of gas service to Woodberry, Hampden and the suburban districts beyond.

From The Sun April 9-15, 1945

April 9: "Do I find Baltimore changed!" Lieut. Col. Carmichael Tilghman, home after 35 months of service in the Pacific and Far East, exclaimed last night. "What do you think? I come home, go into my favorite barber shop and find, of all things, a woman barber," he said laughingly.

April 13: Roosevelt Dies at Georgia Home; Truman Sworn in as President -- Washington -- April 12 -- President Roosevelt died of a cerebral hemorrhage at 3:45 o'clock this afternoon at the "little White House" in Warm Springs, Ga.

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