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Why the 'what ifs'?Editor: If Elizabeth Large...


Why the 'what ifs'?

Editor: If Elizabeth Large can't find anything negative to report on a restaurant, must she wait until the last paragraph to create some hypothetical "what ifs" and implied criticism?

To wit, her [Feb. 19] review of Fat Lulu's (*** 1/2)!

She said: "But your experience may not be so positive if you read this review, get in your car and head for Fat Lulu's this very night. The place is small, and I doubt if it's set up to handle crowds. Don't blame me if you wait two hours for a table and then another hour for your food. And don't say I didn't warn you if you can't stand the heat."

G. M. Grimes Sr.


Keep reviews general

Editor: I read with interest the recent letter "Disservice to diners" [Letters, Feb. 26] taking Mrs. Large to task for the thrust of some of her restaurant reviews. Particular reference was made to the wait at Tio Pepe's for those with reservations.

I would suggest that any problem that exists is not due to overbooking, but rather a combination of factors, not the least of which is people having a good time. I know that Tio Pepe respects reservations and does its utmost to honor their many customers. If overbooking does exist in the restaurant trade I'm certain that it is in response to the unfortunate behavior of some individuals who neglect to cancel reservations previously made and leave the restaurant holding the bag.

I, for one, am not troubled by the reservation process at Tio Pepe's and trust that Mrs. Large's comments will continue to address the menu selections and other pertinent items that are of more general interest to the restaurant diner.

Michael Coxe


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