High old times in Baltimore


Slash may be a lifelong Los Angeleno, but he has a fondness for our town. "I love Baltimore," he declares. "I'm probably one of the few people that actually say that, because Baltimore is not one of those places that the average kid is familiar with if you're not from there. But I've been enough times. It's a cool town."

Among the things he likes about Baltimore is Hammerjacks, where Guns N' Roses played back before becoming famous. "I remember playing there," he says. "Hammerjacks is the gig -- I don't know if you should print this or not -- but it was the gig where . . ."

Well, let's just say that guitarist Izzy Stradlin embarrassed himself in the manager's office before the band went on.

"Me and Izzy got really messed up," Slash says. "When you're touring around in a bus, you get there in the morning, you have a day room at the hotel, you go to the gig way too early . . . and you get bored."

So Izzy and Slash got drunk. "I play well when I'm messed up," Slash says. "Izzy, on the other hand . . . " He laughs. "So during the gig, he just sat on his amp. But he had a Marshall stack behind him, so he sat on the tiny lip of the bottom cabinet, and we just sorta covered for him."

But, wouldn't sitting on the amp like that make his guitar feed back?

"Oh, I think he was pretty much turned off at that point," answers Slash, laughing even harder.

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