Higher room, board on most campuses


University of Maryland's Board of Regents approved a new schedule of room and board charges for its 13 campuses, ranging from a 2.0 percent increase at the University of Maryland Baltimore County to a 13.3 percent increase at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. Coppin State College and the University of Maryland at Baltimore proposed no increases. The University of Baltimore is not a residential campus.

Unless otherwise specified, the rates for the 1995-1996 school year involve costs for a dormitory single and a plan offering 14 meals per week.

University of Maryland College Park, room up 3.4 percent to $2,997 and board up 3.0 percent to $2,314 in a points-based plan for food; at Bowie State, room up 5 percent to $2,692 and board up 3 percent to $1,578 for 15 meals; at Towson State University, room up 5 percent to $3,150 and board up 4.9 percent to $1,920; at University of Maryland Eastern Shore, room costs up 4.3 percent to $2,430 and board up 13.3 percent for the 20-meal plan to $1,700; at Frostburg State University, room up 8.0 percent in the older dorms to $2,478 and food up 6.2 percent to $2,230; at Salisbury State University, room up 3.9 percent to $2,650 and a 15-meal plan will up 4.7 percent to $2,210; University of Maryland Baltimore County, room up 2.7 percent to $2,614 and board up 2.0 percent to $2,010.

University administrators told the regents at the meeting, held at UMBC, that many of their increases made up for past years with no rises at all. Tuition charges are approved a year in advance.

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