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Artist's 'lost' painting was there all the time


Richard Harryman has found his painting. Last week, he thought "City Slickers" had been lost or stolen. The painting shows his friends, the late Chick Levitt and the late Bill Larash and his wife, standing outside Chick & Ruth's delicatessen in Annapolis.

Del. John Leopold read a newspaper article about the painting and contacted a reporter, who in turn called Mr. Harryman. It seems the painting had been hanging in the Lowe House Office Building all along.

Mr. Harryman, 66, did not know whether the painting was his original or a print until he saw it in the delegation room. He had apparently taken another painting, "Winter Blues," along with several others from the State House the afternoon of March 18. He had also intended to take "City Slickers" that day.

"About all I can do is laugh about it now," he said of his error.

Traffic stop results in drug arrest

A Hanover man stopped for driving with a bad headlight was arrested on drug charges Monday morning after a patrolman searched his car, county police said.

Southern District Officer Francis Tewey was on routine patrol about 2:50 a.m. when he stopped a 1992 Isuzu Amigo with a burned-out headlight near Solomons Island Road and Route 2 and Aris T. Allen Boulevard. Officer Tewey asked for permission to look inside the truck, police said.

The man agreed. Officer Tewey found a copy of High Times magazine and three bags of potting soil on the back seat. When the patrolman asked the driver whether he planned to grow marijuana, the man answered "You could assume that," police said.

Officer Tewey searched the truck more thoroughly after a drug dog reacted positively to the right front passenger door. The patrolman recovered plastic bags, cut straws and marijuana stems in a compartment on top of the console, police said.

Another officer found a pipe, syringe and silver spoon with heroin residue on the suspect when he was searched at the Southern District station, police said.

Travis J. Edelman, 19, of the 1900 block of Pometacom Drive was charged with possession of marijuana, heroin and drug paraphernalia, police said.

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