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Tips, leads sought in rock death


Metro Crime Stoppers is offering $2,000 for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of whoever threw a rock through the windshield of Kevin Gallagher's truck, causing the accident that killed him Monday.

Mr. Gallagher, 38, of the 5900 block of Sneed Drive in Deale died alongside Route 258 near Solomons Island Road. He was on his way home from his job as a contractor on Capitol Hill about 9:30 p.m. when someone threw the rock through his windshield.

His wife, Lori, 35, who works nights as a nurse, was home waiting for him and became worried when he was late. She went looking for him and happened upon police and firemen at the scene of her husband's overturned Dodge Dakota truck.

"They met on the road," said Phil Sheridan, a family friend.

Police have no new information and no suspects, said Officer Randy Bell, department spokesman.

"We have detectives scouring the South County area, speaking to schools and civic organizations, trying to get leads," Officer Bell said.

Mr. Gallagher lived with his wife and three sons, Daniel, 9, Wesley, 7, and Dillon, 3, in a house he built himself on Parker Creek.

Yesterday, Timothy Gallagher, 34, stood in the yard looking toward the wooden pier where his older brother loved to stage elaborate fireworks displays.

"He blew out a couple of neighbors' boat windshields from time to time," Mr. Gallagher said. He also recalled his brother's storytelling and sense of humor.

"He was one hell of a guy," he said. "He could turn any situation into a joke."

Kevin Gallagher loved the water, his brother recalled, and loved to end the day as the sole member of what he called the "mile-out club." He'd launch his boat, take a beer and sit in the creek looking back at his house and reflecting on life.

"The family is devastated over this whole ordeal," Timothy Gallagher said.

The community of Deale also has been shaken. "It's a real small-town atmosphere here," said Mr. Sheridan, 41, who coached T-ball with Mr. Gallagher at the Deale Elks Club.

"This is stuff we've read about," Mr. Sheridan said. "I guess it can happen anywhere."

Mr. Sheridan said the community is taking up a collection to help the family.

"Everyone in town has made some sort of donation," he said.

Timothy Gallagher said he is taking some solace in thinking that the rock hit his brother on the head and knocked him instantly unconscious.

Traffic investigators have primary responsibility for the case but are being assisted by homicide investigators.

Kristin Riggin, spokeswoman for the county state's attorney's office, said it is possible that whoever caused Mr. Gallagher's death will be charged with second-degree murder, an offense that carries a maximum 30-year penalty.

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