Officer convicted of fixing ticket for free haircuts


An Aberdeen police officer who accepted free haircuts from a woman in exchange for getting her 1993 speeding ticket dismissed in District Court was convicted of bribery in Harford Circuit Court yesterday.

Charles David Dvorak, 33, of the 300 block of Kane St. in Baltimore was given a three-year suspended sentence and placed on supervised probation for two years after entering an Alford plea before Judge William O. Carr.

In making the Alford plea, Mr. Dvorak did not admit guilt but conceded the evidence was against him.

Mr. Dvorak also was convicted of theft of less than $300 in an unrelated 1993 case, and was given a suspended 18-month sentence under the same plea arrangement.

Mr. Dvorak has been suspended without pay since his grand jury indictment in June 1993, Capt. Charles Lawson, acting chief of the Aberdeen Police Department, said yesterday.

Captain Lawson said Mr. Dvorak must now be granted an administrative hearing according to the law enforcement officers' bill of rights.

"A three-member panel will hear the charges, determine guilt or innocence, and make a recommendation on what departmental action should be taken," Captain Lawson said.

The panel's finding and recommendation are not binding on the chief, in this case Captain Lawson.

The maximum penalty for any officer found guilty of misconduct in office would be dismissal, Captain Lawson said.

With regard to yesterday's criminal proceedings, prosecutor Mark Nelson said the plea arrangement did not seek jail time for the defendant because the convictions should keep Mr. Dvorak out of law enforcement work forever.

In the bribery case, Mr. Nelson told the court that Mr. Dvorak, who has worked for the Aberdeen Police Department four years, had given a speeding ticket to Kimmie Jean Vann, 24, of Aberdeen for driving 66 mph in a 40 mph zone.

Mr. Nelson said that before she appeared in traffic court, Miss Vann offered to cut Mr. Dvorak's hair -- for the rest of his life -- if he would "take care of" her ticket.

Mr. Nelson said Miss Vann gave haircuts to Mr. Dvorak Feb. 19 and March 24, 1993.

That was the same day Mr. Dvorak asked District Judge Emory A. Plitt Jr. not to prosecute the speeding ticket against Miss Vann because she had been assisting another Aberdeen officer in another case, court transcripts showed.

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