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Stacy Sewell, who in an unprecedented transplant...


Stacy Sewell, who in an unprecedented transplant surgery received a lung lobe from each of her living parents, died Saturday on her 24th birthday from complications of bacterial pneumonia. The resident of the Mojave Desert town of Quartz Hill, Calif., suffered from cystic fibrosis. Barbara and James Sewell each donated a lobe of their lungs to their daughter Jan. 29, 1993. It was the first double lobar lung transplant in which both lobes came from relatives. After the transplant, her lungs were restored to normal lung capacity.

Julius Hemphill,57, a saxophonist and composer who helped found the World Saxophone Quartet in 1976, died Sunday of complications from diabetes in New York. His 1972 recordings, "Dogon A. D." and " 'Coon Bid'ness," influenced subsequent jazz and new-music artists. Using massed reeds, his compositions and arrangements had a rich big-band sound but remained squarely in the tradition of black music and the blues.

Hannes Alfven, 86, a University of California at San Diego professor who won the Nobel Prize in 1970, died Sunday in Stockholm, Sweden. The native of Sweden won the Nobel Prize in physics for his work in plasma physics, the study of charged particles that represent 99 percent of all matter in the universe.

Francisco Moncion, 76, a principal dancer in the New York City Ballet when the company was founded in 1948, died Saturday of cancer in Woodstock, N.Y. He was known for his dramatic interpretation of roles by choreographer George Balanchine, with whom he first worked in 1941 in the Broadway production of "Ballet Imperial." He danced in premieres of Balanchine's "Orpheus," "Symphony in C," "Four Temperaments" and "Divertimento," and performed leading roles in Balanchine's "The Prodigal Son," "Firebird," "Don Quixote" and others.

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