Semolina flour is just fine for non-pasta recipes


Q: Are there any other uses for semolina flour other than pasta?

A: Semolina flour is excellent when used as an ingredient for bread baking, for gnocchi (dumplings), or even in puddings. An authentic Italian cookbook will give you specific recipes.

Q: Recently I purchased some whole chickens in my supermarket. The chicken, when roasted, had the darkest meat I have ever seen and a very gamy flavor. What caused this?

A: There are two major factors that could have caused this very dark poultry meat and gamy taste. First, the chicken feed determines the color and taste of the skin and meat. Very yellow chickens are the result of marigold petals in their feed. Second, ,, this chicken could have been allowed to roam free -- a "free-range" chicken as they are now called. This causes the meat to be darker and have a rather gamy flavor.

Tip: It has been found by a group of Yale University researchers that the scent of apples is a relaxer. So to experience tranquillity, * *TC sip and sniff some apple herb tea or whiff a freshly baked apple dish.

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