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School to honor teacher of 40 years


Wednesday marks the commemoration of the 40-year teaching career of Elaine Lynn at Elkridge Elementary School, where she taught for 25 years.

A 7-foot pink dogwood tree will be planted on the school grounds, and a plaque will be placed inside the school in her honor.

Mrs. Lynn's husband, Edmund Lynn, instigated the 10 a.m. tree planting, which is open to her former students and colleagues.

This week Mrs. Lynn told me something about her history. After she graduated from Clarksville High School, she attended Towson Normal School for three years, and began teaching in then-rural Howard County.

Her first school assignment was at Annapolis Rock School in Lisbon, a one-room schoolhouse with a pot-bellied stove.

There she taught all seven grades, earning $90 a month, $25 of which she paid to a local family for room and board.

If the weather was good, she would hike with her students to picnic at Annapolis Rock, from the summit of which one could supposedly see Annapolis. The children could play in the streams after they ate their lunch.

From Annapolis Rock School, she transferred to Savage Elementary School for 10 years, then to Elkridge Elementary, where she taught fourth grade for 25 years.

When she started teaching, it was in the "old, old building," but soon the school board added a wing to Elkridge High School for the elementary students.

"They were good years," says Mrs. Lynn. "I always believed that I could catch more kids with sugar than I could with vinegar."

Mrs. Lynn, who retired in 1974, still enjoys visits from her former students.

And by the way, tree huggers, April 5 is Arbor Day.


Did you catch the "Today" show on March 26?

If you did, you would have seen Rockburn Elementary School in Elkridge placed on the map by third-grader James McBride.

As the camera panned to the outdoors after the weather report, James held aloft a sign proclaiming, "What a difference Today makes at Rockburn Elementary School in Elkridge, Maryland!"

"It was all his own idea," said his mother and sign-maker, Nancy McBride.

The McBride family regularly watches the "Today" show as they eat breakfast, so James knew what to do when his family visited New York City.

He set his alarm clock and dragged his father, Pat McBride, to the station by 6:05 a.m., sign in hand.


I got a chance to watch Dunloggin Middle School's closed-circuit "Dunloggin This Morning" last Tuesday.

It was the morning after the Academy Awards, and student script writer Garrett Bucks included announcements of early evening awards, and then he added a new one: "Our very own Mrs. Zimring won the award for Best Middle School Television Educator in a lead role."

Penny Zimring is the school's Gifted and Talented teacher who sponsors "Dunloggin This Morning."

The Academy Awards were followed by various announcements, the lunch menu and a sports update on the basketball playoffs.

The producer that day was Michelle Anderson. Director wa Cindy Thomas, technical director was Liz Kurpe, audio-visual mixer was Malav Patel, sound was Melissa Dugan, and camera operators were Sarah Matthew and James Harrel.

Yvonne Lee and Lisa Stasiulewicz were anchorwomen, and Michelle Dello-Russo was sports announcer.


Gardeners who grow perennials always have plants to give away. Girl Scout Troops 1057 and 472 are hoping that some gardeners can throw a few perennials their way, as they prepare to plant a butterfly garden at David W. Force Park in Ellicott City.

They seek perennials that attract butterflies, including coreopsis, black-eyed Susans, day lilies, coronation gold yarrow, butterfly weed and globe amaranth.

If you would like to share some plants, call leaders Barbara Langridge at 313-9936 or Ellen Sutton at 992-1627.


Manor Woods Elementary School is proud to announce the selection of six music students for the Howard County Elementary Band: Katrina McGowan, Lisa Woznicki, Brad Monachino, Brian Kurtzman, Matt Churns and Drew Narcum.

These students will perform in concert with nearly 50 other students at Mount Hebron High School Friday at 7:30 p.m.

Manor Woods now has a school store, the product of a Type III Gifted and Talented project.

Five fifth-graders staff the store on Tuesdays through Thursdays from 8:15 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.

The student entrepreneurs are Heather Barnes, Lee Chiang, Kristen Friend, Adnan Sheikh and Jeremy Stitz.

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