Va. couple using bridal registry to help others


NEWPORT NEWS, Va. -- Marjorie Daniel and Bob Winger don't want much.

When they get married in May, they don't want roomfuls of gifts.

Instead, they'd like Rachelle Hogan and her two children to end up with a few.

The Hogans need windows and doorknobs and toilets for their house, which will be built this year by the Peninsula chapter of Habitat for Humanity, a home-construction group.

So Ms. Daniel and Mr. Winger, Habitat volunteers, have left a hint, a charitable nudge for wedding guests, on their bridal gift registry.

After a short list that includes china pieces and a bread machine, the registry at Hecht's department store suggests donations to Habitat for Humanity.

The two want their guests to buy part of a house -- a door, a window, some nails -- for someone else.

Mr. Winger and Ms. Daniel met last year in the hollow frame of a 19th Street house in Newport News, one of the projects built by the national band of volunteers.

They pounded nails in several houses together. Then they started dating.

"Helping other people has helped me a lot," says Mr. Winger, 39. "And getting married is a plus."

The couple will spend their honeymoon in Colorado.

"We're going to Colorado Springs," Mr. Winger says. "To work on a Habitat project."

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