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A roundup of new products and services.Fore...


A roundup of new products and services.

Fore women only

The Taylor Made Bubble Shaft, a new golf club for women, was designed to increase acceleration without making the user swing harder. The maker took 10 percent of the club's weight and moved it down the shaft, thereby lowering the center of weight. Meg Gilmore, manager of Ladies' Tee Time, a new golf store for women, says the Bubble Shaft is more stable and provides better control for women than a regular golf club. The Bubble Shaft is $259 and it comes in a driver, 3-wood, 5-wood, 7-wood, attack and fairway driver. It is available at Ladies' Tee Time, 2139 York Road, Timonium. (410) 561-2022.

Egg-cellent, dude!

If it's nearly Easter, you know PAAS, manufacturer of those ubiquitous egg-decorating kits, has cooked up a new product. This year it's a Tie Dye Egg Decorating Kit, which allows children of all ages to create wild, colorful designs on eggs. The kit comes with fizz tablets, a wire egg dipper, a tie-dye press, an eye dropper and fabric. It's sold at most grocery stores and drugstores for $2.29.

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