Man is treated at hospital after family violence


A 20-year-old Eldersburg man who police said attacked his mother was treated at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore Friday night after he was struck with a baseball bat by the woman's husband, authorities said.

Matthew O'Connell of the 7000 block of Saddle Drive was intoxicated when he began arguing with his mother, Judith Stromberg, about noon, police said. Tfc. Nicholas Over said the young man went to his room and began throwing furniture, which he continued to do in the room where his mother was sitting.

The trooper wrote in his report that Mr. O'Connell picked his mother up and threw her back into her chair. Her screams woke her husband, Eric Stromberg, who was sleeping on the second floor, the officer said.

Trooper Over said the son then turned toward Mr. Stromberg and Mr. Stromberg picked up a baseball bat and struck Mr. O'Connell on the right cheek. Mrs. Stromberg drove to the state police office in Eldersburg to notify a trooper because the phone had been ripped from the wall.

The officer said that when he arrived at the house, Mr. O'Connell was outside, intoxicated and covered with blood from his facial injuries, and was uncooperative. Mr. O'Connell told the trooper, "I don't want to talk to you," and attempted to run, but collapsed into semi-consciousness, the officer said.

Trooper Over summoned a medic unit from Sykesville and Mr. O'Connell was taken to the Baltimore hospital. He was discharged yesterday.

The officer said he would consult with the state's attorney's office on any possible charges.

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