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Officer helps baby sitter who had been locked out by toddler


A Western District officer took time off from fighting crime Wednesday afternoon to help a baby sitter who had been locked out of a house by a toddler, county police said.

Officer Howard Brown went to a house in the 2200 block of September Drive about noon and found Julissa Cassidy, 23, and 4-year-old Raleigh O'Conner outside. They had been locked out by Michael O'Conner, age 15 months, police said.

It was about noon that Raleigh walked out of the house and wandered down September Drive. Ms. Cassidy chased him, and Raleigh's brother slammed the front door and locked them out. The boy and Ms. Cassidy's 9-month-old daughter, Alison Cassidy, were inside.

Officer Brown checked all the windows and doors but found them locked. He checked with neighbors, but none had a key to the house. He then got permission from his supervisor to break a window and crawl in. Officer Brown found Michael and Alison in a bedroom unharmed, police said.

Driver arrested on drug charge

Police stopped a man Wednesday morning, searched his car and found marijuana in the ashtray, police said.

Officer David Murphy was on routine patrol about 10:40 a.m. when he saw a 1984 Volkswagen Rabbit northbound on the Baltimore-Washington Parkway near Route 32. He stopped the car and ticketed the driver for driving with expired tags. He also told the driver the Rabbit would be towed, police said.

When Officer Murphy searched the car, he found 4.25 grams of marijuana in the ashtray, police said, and the driver admitted the marijuana was his.

Joshua James Youngs, 19, of the

6700 block of Riverdale Road was charged with possession of marijuana, police said.

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