Lent an ecumenical effort for local ministry group


The Caring and Sharing Ministries of Northwest Carroll County has been busy during this Lenten season.

The ministry, which includes eight churches in Taneytown, is an ecumenical group of pastors and lay leaders that works together to provide community services. Among its activities are sponsorship of a Community Needs Fund for individual and family emergencies as well as assisting the Taneytown Food Bank and St. Joseph's Clothing Bank.

During this Lenten season, the participating churches have taken turns sponsoring Sunday evening worship services that focus on the spiritual, emotional and social needs of the community. These services have included a discussion of domestic violence and disconnectedness in communities, plus music and song.

On Sunday, the service will be at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Taneytown. It begins at 6 p.m. and the topic is "The Benefits of a Christian Family."

A Passion Play will be performed at Messiah Methodist Church on Palm Sunday.

On Good Friday, participants will join together on a walk from church to church to hear the last words of Christ, with music at each church.

And, Easter Sunday, a sunrise service will be held at Taneytown Baptist Church.

The Rev. Keith DeBord, newly appointed pastor at Grace United Church of Christ, is excited about the ecumenical spirit he has found in Taneytown.

"It's the best working ecumenical community I've ever been in," he said. "All the ministers get along well, and there's some fine leadership in the laity. And we're all new in the community. We have energy -- and want to come together to make a difference."

Mr. DeBord moved to Taneytown six months ago.

"The Caring and Sharing Ministries is the one way to make it known that we are open to everyone," he says, referring to new residents who may be feeling out of place in a small town. "A lot of people feel totally misplaced when they move to a new town. This ecumenical ministry is a way to integrate people into the town."

For information about the Caring and Sharing Ministries, contact 756-2302.


St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Taneytown invites the community to a traditional Passover supper April 8 at 6 p.m. at the church's fellowship hall on 44 Frederick St.

If you would like to attend, bring a covered-dish main course and a dessert. In keeping with the Passover tradition, don't use flour, grains, yeasts, breads, pork or beef in your dishes. Information: 756-2500.


Some teachers and kids can't get enough math in their lives. Next Thursday at 7 p.m., staff members and students and their families at Elmer Wolfe Elementary School will be participants in Family Math Night at the school's cafeteria.

"We'll be doing fun, creative math activities in which the whole family can participate," said Phyllis Lance, a resource specialist at the school.

Math will jump off the textbooks and come to life when the theme "Celebrating Birthdays" is explored through a variety of math charts, graphs, brain teasers and even literature.

The group will record every participant's birthday on a graph, make geometric shapes representing birthday cakes, figure out hTC how much it costs to have a birthday party and hear different stories about birthdays from popular children's books.

More than 100 people attended last year's Math Night.

"It was interesting to watch the families work on problems together," Mrs. Lance said.

Sounds like a great way to overcome math phobia. Information: 775-7133.


The result of all that effort put into Elmer Wolfe's Spring Fling? Nearly $8,000 raised to purchase classroom computers. Not bad for the smallest elementary school in the county.


Tomorrow is the last day to order a miniature wood block replica of the Elmer Wolfe School. The silk screen design is done by My Home Towne Inc. and the $12 cost will go toward buying a classroom computer.

The money raiser is sponsored by the Elmer Wolfe Head Start program.

Contact Susan Getty, 374-2605, if you'd like one as a memento of the school, which is slated for demolition.


A dance for youths ages 10 to 17 is planned at Union Bridge Community Center Saturday from 7 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

The dance is sponsored by the Youth Council of Union Bridge, under the adult leadership of Mayor Perry Jones.

A disc jockey will spin the music, and soda and pizza will be for sale.

The event is chaperoned, and is open to the public; admission is $1.

Information: 775-2120.

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