Police seek man, $98,002 refund


SEATTLE -- Authorities are searching for a former Kent, Wash., man they say vanished with an erroneous $98,002 refund from the makers of Ex-Lax.

Barry Lyn Stoller, 38, wrote a letter demanding that the maker of the laxative reimburse him the $1.99 he paid for a package of the product after, he claimed, it failed to work, according to first-degree theft charges filed in King County Superior Court.

New Jersey-based Sandoz Corp. issued a refund check, but mistakenly wrote the amount to correspond to Mr. Stoller's ZIP code -- 98002.

King County prosecutors allege that Mr. Stoller deposited the check, withdrew the money eight days later, closed his account and left the area.

An arrest warrant was issued when Mr. Stoller failed to show up for arraignment.

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