His voice in high dudgeon and pitch,

Newt belabors his Household to ditch

All things bureaucratic

That smell Democratic --

The Republican forty-year itch.

* * *

To Asia the First Lady went

With humanitarian intent

But she didn't care

Just because it was there

As on Hillary's famous ascent.

* * *

He agreed assault arms should be dead

But now wants them unbanned instead;

Put 'em back on the street,

Urges Bob Dole, complete

With that NRA gun to his head.

* * *

What worries the wannabes most

As they cast wary eyes at the Coast

Is that their sneaky Pete

Might stage a repeat

In the role of another guv's ghost.

* * *

The speaker assumes the election

Requires regulation rejection;

His instant rule freeze

Would say do as you please

And away with consumer protection.

* * *

The total, if less, is immense

Of the billions we spend on Defense;

But adding on more

Than Perry asks for

Makes perfect Republican sense.

* * *

With the $28 million he needed,

The Huffington campaign proceeded;

Versus CA's Dianne

He ran and he ran,

Then huffed, puffed, and quasi-conceded.

* * *

As the days dwindle down below 50

For Congress to overdo thrifty.

Killing more than enough

Good government stuff

Is considered by Newt to be nifty.

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