Marshall is perfect on home turf


The Marshall family has been operating the Harford Lanes in Aberdeen for many years, and Bobby Marshall continues to do that today.

So, it's no surprise that his kid brother, Cory Marshall, has been throwing a tenpin ball "since I was 4 or 5 years old."

Born and raised in the area, Cory Marshall continues to live in Port Deposit.

"I guess, maybe, that I'm living about a hundred feet from where I was born," Marshall said. "I don't think I'd be happy anywhere else."

Marshall bowls in two leagues at the Aberdeen center -- Monday in the Susquehanna league and Friday in the Bill Snavely league. He's averaging 209.

Bobby Marshall was bowling in the Susquehanna league with Cory on March 13 when Cory was a little late getting to the center.

"I remember that he had to hurry to get his [bowling] shoes on," Bobby Marshall said. "Then later, I noticed a crowd gathering behind his lane."

The reason for the crowd was simple.

"My first game was only a 203," Cory Marshall said. "Then I had a pretty good one, 247, and the last game I started throwing strikes."

Said Bobby Marshall: "I know that he [Cory] had a couple 300 games 10, 12 years ago. But now he was on his way to his first 300 in quite a while."

Cory Marshall never faltered, pounding 12 balls into the pocket for the perfect game.

Perfecting his game

Adam Brodie, 18, a senior at Edgewood High School, is slowly perfecting his game. He currently is averaging 190 in the Young America Bowlers Alliance on Saturday mornings at Fair Lanes Edgewood; his individual high three-game series is 767.

Last month he started with a 224, then dropped to a 201.

In the first frame of his last game, Brodie slammed his 16-pound Red Hammer bowling ball into the pocket for a strike. He followed with 11 more strikes for his first 300 game.

Second chance

The Cecil-Harford 700 Club's Second Chance Tournament will be at Forest Hill Lanes on Sunday, April 9 at 10 a.m.

It is open to all current ABC members who have bowled a sanctioned 700 series.

Information: Chuck Dippenworth, (410) 638-9653.


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