Scan moves, a bit


At the beginning of March, the Scan showroom, which had been at York and Seminary roads for 11 years, moved north some four blocks to the York Ridge Center.

The snazzy new location, where Comcast used to be, gives the contemporary furniture store more space, all on one floor; more parking; and better exposure to customers driving by on York Road.

Hours are 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and noon to 5 p.m. Sunday.

Great kitchens

The newest kitchens follow the "great room" concept and flow into adjoining rooms to let hosts and guests interact while food is being prepared. This is according to a survey of industry experts by the Sub-Zero Freezer Company.

Other trends include:

* A move back to warmth and the use of natural materials. Cabinets, for instance, are beginning to resemble those found in dens and other "warm" rooms in the house.

* An emphasis on commercial layout, with separate areas for food preparation, hot and cold cooking, and clean-up.

* Because of kitchens' new role as a place to entertain, designers are incorporating fireplaces, paintings, Oriental rugs and sofas into their decor.

* With in-kitchen or near-kitchen entertaining, people are demanding quiet appliances that don't interrupt conversation.

Correct glassware

You may have read about Ecologica glassware in publications as diverse as House Beautiful, W and the New York Times. Designer Chris Cahill uses recycled bottles and discarded glassware to create wonderful glasses, vases, bowls, candle holders and other vessels. Some are decorated with tiny charms, glass bubbles or etchings; others are rimmed in metalwork.

Now you can find this charming, ecologically correct glassware locally at Craft Concepts in Green Spring Station. Prices start at $30.


Insects are showing up inside the house -- on fabrics, lamp shades, china, trays and picture frames. Bugs are the newest in a long line of nature motifs, according to Libbie Johnson of Johnson-Powell Public Relations, which represents a variety of home-furnishing clients.

Look for dragonflies, honeybees and ladybugs as the most appealing of the creepy, crawly, winged things.

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