Matthew Guinan, 84, president emeritus of the...


Matthew Guinan, 84, president emeritus of the Transport Workers Union of America, died Wednesday. He was executive vice president and secretary-treasurer of the TWU during the 1966 New York City transit strike. He and six other union officers spent nine days in jail for refusing to call off the strike.

Menelaos D. Hassialis, 85, a professor of mining at Columbia University and a consultant on the Manhattan Project, died March 16. His work on the secret development of the atomic bomb focused on how to make alloys containing uranium by machine. He received two U.S. patents for that work. In 1950, he directed the U.S. government's successful Atomic Energy Project for the Recovery of Uranium, which attempted to recover uranium oxide from ores as cheaply as possible.

Milo Morrow, 73, who headed the costume shop of the New York Shakespeare Festival for more than 20 years, died of a heart attack March 14 at his home in Manhattan.

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