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Annapolis Panthers

1994 record: 15-2. Coach: Dave Gehrdes.

Top players: Stephy Samaras, Jr., D; Amy Brew, Jr., M; Jamie Pleyo, Sr., A; Karen Hunt, Sr., A; Ali Krieger, Jr., A; Becky Morris, Jr., M; Dana Curran, Sr., M; Erika Knutson, Sr., M; Kate Bjorke, Soph., M.

Outlook: Annapolis lost some tremendous players to graduation, but it retains All-County selections Samaras (six goals, four assists, 80 ground balls) and Brew (24 goals, nine assists, 89 ground balls), along with Hunt (44 goals, 16 assists), the county's third-leading scorer who had five goals in a 16-9 loss to Mount Hebron in the 3A-4A state semifinals. In all, eight starters are back, so Gehrdes doesn't fear a drop-off from last season. "We have a pretty good nucleus. Somebody's just going to have to step up, and we have people on offense who can do it," he said. Pleyo transferred from Northeast and will start, giving Gehrdes some added offensive punch. "Defense is where we're a little younger," Gehrdes said. Sophomore Abby Phieffer is the probable starter in goal, though junior Kristen Booty and sophomore Lauren Gullota are making a strong push. Senior Elenikac Yiani, up from the JV, is expected to start on defense. Among the returnees are seniors Medea Elvy (D) and Laura Zimmerman (M), junior Kate Wagner (D) and sophomore Susan Berotti (M).

Archbishop Spalding Cavaliers

1994 record: 4-11. Coach: Mary Pat Bozel.

Top players: Cara Tracey, Sr., M; Jami Duffy, Sr., M; Anne Mattison, Sr., A; Stephanie Paxson, Jr., M; Gilda Zoccola, Jr., M; Allison Tridil, Jr., D; Katie Fitzpatrick, Jr., D; Amy Sledgeski, Jr., A.

Outlook: The Cavaliers are young, but they have 13 players back. Six newcomers also made the team, giving Bozel her largest squad. There are only three seniors, and a freshman, Meghan Sheperd, will start in goal. "She's a real good goalie. She just has youth. But she comes in with some experience," Bozel said. The attack returns juniors Jen O'Neil, Kathy Bauhauf and Emilie Frye, and sophomore Bridget McGeady. Junior Shannon Cashour is back on defense. Among the promising newcomers are sophomore midfielders Amanda Gibboney and Amy Costello, whose speed will be an asset. Juniors Laura Liberatore (D) and Jennifer Thomas (M) and sophomore Courtney Morgan (M) also will help. "We should build a positive year so that next year, when the kids have more maturity, they can really do some nice things," Bozel said. "The schedule is more balanced, so

hopefully we'll finish above .500."

Arundel Wildcats

1994 record: 10-5. Coach: Christine Fellona.

Top players: Nicole Ross, Sr., M; Kristen Wolff, Sr., D; Michelle Haynie, Sr., A; Tara Surlis, Sr., D; Jeni Miller, Sr., M; Carla Navarro, Sr., M; Jill Jones, Soph., A; Karen Diacont, Soph., M; Amanda Sites, Soph., M/A.

Outlook: Ross, who has committed to Temple, moves from the wing to Katie Hanburger's vacated center position, and is "just ,, as strong, if not stronger," Fellona said. "She's fast and she's mentally tough. She's ready to take that plunge." Ross is one of nine players back who started at some point last season. Juniors Megan Crouse (M), Lisa Howard (D) and Kim Klingler (M), and sophomore Laura Buchman (D) also return. Senior Kim Kesselman takes over in goal for Katie Miller, who decided not to play. "She's an incredible athlete. I've been trying to get her to play lacrosse for two years," Fellona said of Kesselman. Senior defender Amanda Gottschall came back to Arundel after one year at Glen Burnie. Sophomore Lisa Givens would have started at attack, but she injured her knee and might be out for the season. Also on the varsity are juniors Jean Benoit (M), Lauren Deacon (M) and Stacey Gibson (A), and sophomores Kerri Hodges (M) and Megan Miller (M). "Last year was the first time we ever went to the playoffs. Now, they know it's possible. They know what it takes to get there," Fellona said.

Broadneck Bruins

1994 record: 11-4. Coach: Jennifer Shuck.

Top players: Jessica Hull, Sr., M; Megan Branning, Sr., M; Liz Goodrich, Sr., A; Ann Rodriguez, Sr., M/A; Tara Jensen, Sr., G; Vickie Hartt, Sr., D; Jen Reesey, Sr., D; Alicia Nagowski, Jr., D.

Outlook: The defense took a big hit to graduation, but five solid starters are back from last year in Hull, Branning, Goodrich, Rodriguez and Jensen. Reesey is being moved from the midfield to defense. Nagowski was on the attack last year, but also is being moved to aid the defense. Two juniors, Jamie Misel and Jenna Bajus, will be strong at attack. Junior Molly Branning brings good speed to the midfield. "I think we'll be contending again," said Shuck, whose team lost to Annapolis, 11-5, in the 3A-4A East Region semifinals. "Last year, we had a big problem finding someone to take it to the hole. We're running a new type of offense now and if they can catch and throw, it will be beautiful. We're looking forward to going to the regions again." Juniors Lisa

Foertsch (M), Christina Schulstad (A), Rachael Bajus (A), Jessica Bajus (D), Meredith Benda (D) and Josalyn Powers (A) also return. Powers was a goalkeeper last year. Also on the varsity are junior Christine Deak (G), sophomores Megan Santacroce (M), Katie Pickett (D) and Carly Rixham (A), and freshmen Corinne Shuck (D) and Carrie Birely (M).

Chesapeake Cougars

1994 record: 7-5. Coach: Jim Buchan.

Top players: Laura Hemmings, Sr., A; Stacey Marshall, Sr., M; Melissa Wagner, Sr., M; Stacey Thiele, Sr., M; Sandra Norris, Sr., D; Tracey Gott, Sr., D; Stacy Jones, Sr., G.

Outlook: This is Buchan's biggest turnover in personnel. He lost five seniors, plus some underclassmen who decided not to play. His top three scorers are gone, but Buchan said there should be enough offense returning. Most of his starters are back, but he's hurting for depth with only 17 players, including two goalkeepers. His midfield and close defense are strongest. Juniors Kristen Bonk (A), Stacey Reynolds (A), Chrissy Kohlhepp (M) and Erin Piechowiak (M) return. Six players were brought up from the JV: juniors Amber Groves (A/M), Sara Keil (D), and Kristin Dixon (G), and sophomores Laura Basil (M), Ryane Bellarin (M) and Christie Gayhardt (D). The seven senior returnees form "a solid group," Buchan said. He probably will have to call up some JV players later in the year. "We don't have the numbers yet, but we're in good shape," he said.

Glen Burnie Gophers

1994 record: 2-10. Coach: Patty Dages.

Top players: Gina Authement, Sr., A; Yalisa Perez, Sr., A; Amy Walker, Sr., A; Khara Pence, Sr., A; Rose Bishop, Sr., G; Cathy Hough, Jr., A/G; Kathy Martens, Soph., D; Kari Martin, Sr., D.

Outlook: Glen Burnie doesn't have a JV team this year, so Dages is keeping 26 players, including senior attacker Dana Austin, who sat out last season. "We just hope to improve every game," said Dages, whose program is in its third year. "Defense is the key for us. Unless they can get it down, we won't be successful. We have kids who can score, but the key to our success is defense. Without it, we'll have hard times ahead." The roster includes seniors Jen Anderson (D), Nicole Falcon (D) and Traci Seader (D), juniors Jen Hobson (A) and Stacey Howerter (D), sophomores Aimee St. Hilaire (A), Kristy Pence (M), Joanna Macsorley (D), Megan Goldinger (D), Cindy Decker (D), Courtney Lemon (A), Stacee Mullinix (A), Amy Vail (D) and Jocelyn Ledbetter (G), and freshmen Lisa Graziano (D), Sarah Meredith (D) and Sarah Bjork (D).

Meade Mustangs

1994 record: 1-11. Coach: Michele Rodriguez-Smith.

Top players: Mary Rafter, Jr., A; Anna Zollinhoffer, Sr., A; Voravanh Khamvongsa, Sr., A; Brandy Gregg, Jr., D; Sheana Anderson, Jr., A; Delyza Diaz, Jr., A; Jessica McBee, Jr., D; Nairem Moran, Sr., D.

Outlook: The Mustangs lost only two players from last year, and Rodriguez-Smith is optimistic. "I'm encouraged by our experience and by the newcomers who have skill and some experience from playing in the rec league. That's a positive thing for us," she said. Sophomore Jessica Huggins is back in goal. Also returning are seniors Suzie Park (D), Shannon Kelly (D), Kim Tolbert (A) and Purvy Patel (A), and sophomore Jen Snelson (A). The newcomers include juniors Kara Montonaga (D) and Carrine Vander Hoorn (D) -- a transfer from Holland -- sophomore Nicole Cooper (A) and freshmen Heather Norris (A) and Sarah Rafter (A). "I think we'll surprise a lot of teams this year," said Rodriguez-Smith.

Northeast Eagles

1994 record: 2-10. Coach: Bob Manz.

Top players: Amy Van Fossen, Sr., A; Jen

Shepke, Sr., A; Lisa Petraglia, Sr., M; Heather Douglas, Sr., M; Jen Hughes, Sr., M; Dawn Hardesty, Sr., D; Maleah Rey, Sr., D; Rachel Bunn, Soph., G.

Outlook: The Eagles lost two starters, and four players altogether. The offense suffered with the transfer of Jamie Pleyo to Annapolis. "That hurt us badly," Manz said. "We don't have a lot of speed, and we lost experience with Jamie. But life's tough." Shepke will handle the draws. Juniors Erin Zimmerman (A) and Anna Otto (D) also are back. With no JV, Manz is keeping 28 players, including 10 freshmen. The most promising of the first-year players are midfielder Michelle Grey and wing Jen Pazderka. Sophomore Megan Lemasters will contribute to the defense. "I'm happy with the aggressiveness they've displayed," Manz said. "We're hoping for a .500 season." Manz said he felt "more optimistic" about his team's chances at reaching that mark after Friday's scrimmage with Archbishop Spalding.

North County Knights

1994 record: 5-7. Coach: Tom Taylor.

Top players: Michelle Dillow, Sr., A; Lisa Martin, Sr., D; Jen Tinsley, Sr., M; Heather Schonbachler, Sr., D; Melanie McMullen, Sr., A; Tanya Labosky, Jr., G; Shelly Gaither, Sr., D; Lydia Jones, Sr., D.

Outlook: The Knights had better stay healthy because they don't have much depth. Seven seniors graduated, and six were starters, including April Hall and Karen Wick, who each missed some time because of injuries. Taylor said he has "two of the best in the county" in Dillow (22 goals, 22 assists) and Martin (15 goals, 12 assists). Dillow is headed to Vanderbilt and Martin has committed to Towson State. McMullen contributed 26 goals and 17 assists last year. Gaither and Jones came off the bench. Juniors Janis Sauble (A), Tammy Ward (M), Julie Macey (M), Janice Abarro (M) and Erin Campbell (A) also are back. Taylor said freshman Angie Meyer might start in the midfield. "She's a natural," he said. Sophomores Dana Whitecotten, Ann Macey and Laura Williman also beef up the midfield. "I feel real good about this team," Taylor said. "They're real unselfish. They're looking for each other. I like our chances. I think we have a very talented team. But we can't afford any illnesses or injuries."

Old Mill Patriots

1994 record: 3-9. Coach: Priscilla Diacont.

Top players: Julie Bender, Sr., A; Kelly Robuck, Soph., M; Corina Sonberg, Jr., A; Stephanie Caplan, Soph., A; Penny Santos, Soph., D; Katie Robuck, Jr., A; Jessica Baker, Soph., A; Rachael Acebedo, Jr., D.

Outlook: Diacont said the Patriots look "pretty good," but there is much work to be done. "There's a lot of skill there," she said. "They just have to be retaught and we have to build up their confidence and communication. If they can pull that together, I think they'll be OK." Baker is a newcomer who has impressed Diacont. "You'll see a lot from her," she said. Other newcomers include seniors Ensun Kim (A) and Christine Toriskie (A), juniors Rebecca Bradley (D), Danielle Oleheus (A), Angie Palmer (A) and Amy Scott (G), and sophomores Gina Stefanelli (A), Stephanie ++ Coleman (A) and Heather Torres (A). Among the returnees are seniors Millie Phillath (D) and Chrisdine King (D), juniors Margene Hill (D) and Shannon Kelly (D), and sophomores Amy Speargas (G) and Renee Johnson (D). "They went 3-9 last year, and we'd like to go .500 this year," Diacont said.

St. Mary's Saints

1994 record: 12-3. Coach: Erika Mawhorr.

Top players: Kristen Buckley, Sr., D; Jen Manning, Jr., A; Megan O'Doherty, Jr., A; Erin Callahan, Sr., D; Michelle Zorfluh, Soph., A; Kristen Hagert, Soph., M; Tara Foran, Jr., D; Nicole Foran, Soph., D.

Outlook: The Saints must replace All-American midfielder Liz Schaffner (23 goals, 12 assists), now at Loyola. This is a young team, but Mawhorr was intent on keeping the best players, no matter their age. Sophomore Jen Cordini probably will start in goal over senior Cindy Watkins. There are seven sophomores and five freshmen. "They've proven themselves," Mawhorr said. Freshman midfielder Marianne Gioffre never had picked up a stick until now, "but she's really good," Mawhorr said. "The attack and defense are strong. We just need to work on transition. I expect us to do pretty well. It's a young team, but they work well together." Also on the team are seniors Stephanie Scannell (M), Casey Graves (M) and Dana Rigot (D), juniors Lisa Mackey (M), Katie Busik (M), Morgan Stehl (A) and Jen Sturm (M), sophomores Ashley Rusk (M), Lauren Kenchington (M) and Ainsley Conner (D), and freshmen Katie Robinson (M), Megan Lewis (D), Kelly Thompson (M) and Lacey Dierringer (M).

Severn Admirals

1994 record: 5-10. Coach: Michele Albert.

Top players: Joyce Wu, Sr., A; Julie Tice, Jr., A; Kate Graw, Jr., A; Heidi Hammes,

Sr., M; Megan Bauer, Jr., A; Stephanie Tuerk, Sr., G; Megan Alexander, Sr., M; Caroline Cassidy, Sr., M.

Outlook: Last year, the Admirals placed third in the Association of Independent Schools West Division, then lost to Notre Dame Prep, 10-8, in the second round of the tournament. This season, Albert expects the Admirals offense to be "very good." And no wonder. Wu is "unbelievable, incredible," Albert said. Tice, Graw and Bauer also have impressed their new coach. Cassidy will alter from attack wing to defensive wing because of her speed and endurance. Tuerk is dependable, and at times spectacular, in goal. The defense can be inpenetrable with the likes of seniors Kelly Creech, Carrie Cole and Allison Clark. Three sophomores to watch are defenders Amy Galebach and Gussie Habeck, and attacker Jessie Popham. "It's nice to have girls who have played for so long. You don't have to spend a lot of time on basics," Albert said. "It's going to be interesting. I think we have a strong team. It's nice to see such good passing and cutting. Last year, their record wasn't over .500. We're at least striving to improve on that."

Severna Park Falcons

1994 record: 13-1. Coach: Carin Peterson.

Top players: Diane Mooney, Sr., M; Melissa Ballance, Sr., M; Michelle Rose, Sr., M; Krissy Schmidt, Sr., A; Jessica Hines, Sr., D; Susan Stanke, Jr., M; Becky Shank, Jr., M; Jennie Voishan, Jr., D.

Outlook: Part of the Falcons' dominance last year can be seen in one statistic: they outscored their opponents, 194-46. They won't be allowing many goals again this year with the return of senior Kathy Stott and junior Shannon Chaney, who again will split time in goal. The midfield and defense appear sound. Juniors Ani Mason (A/M) and Lindsey Poland (A) also return. "I expect a lot out of them and they expect a lot out of themselves," Peterson said. "We'll see how it goes. Overall, they're looking all right, but we really won't know until the first game. They haven't been tested yet." Peterson knows that sophomore newcomers Amy Noble and Dana Coppello will make the midfield even stronger. What remains to be seen is how the Falcons bounce back from last year's upset loss to Annapolis in the 3A-4A East Region final. "It was only a matter of time last year," Peterson said. "It's just a shame because I thought we had one of our best teams ever."

Southern Bulldogs

1994 record: 7-7. Coach: Linda Kilpatrick.

Top players: Becky Archambo, Sr., A; Lindsey Lowman, Soph., M; Stephanie Wilson, Jr., M; Sarah Burgess, Jr., A; Becky Knapp, Sr., A; Sabrina Stockett, Jr., G; Brianne Sigler, Jr., G; Caroline Duffy, Jr., D.

Outlook: Kilpatrick said she likes this group. Among her individual favorites are Archambo (47 goals, 10 assists) and the goalie tandem of Stockett and Sigler. "They are two of the top keepers in the county," Kilpatrick said. "I'll alternate them because not one has proven to be superior to the other." The rest of the defense is suspect because of graduation, though Kilpatrick said, "I think it will come together." The anchor of the unit is Duffy, who has been doing "a fabulous job for us," Kilpatrick said. Senior Sarah Teitalbaum and junior Erin Zollars also return on defense. Newcomer Alicia Phipps, a junior, is BTC another defender Kilpatrick will keep a close eye on this spring. Sophomore Karli Talbott is up from the JV to bolster the attack. "I think South River will be our biggest opponent and will be the team we need to beat," Kilpatrick said.

South River Seahawks

1994 record: 10-5. Coach: Paula Tobin.

Top players: Megan Riley, Sr., A; Megan Barry, Jr, M; Jessica Marion, Jr., M; Amy Nye, Jr., D; Elizabeth Colacicco, Sr., D; Lisa Curry, Sr., A; Erin Galipeau, Sr., D; Sabrina Reed, Sr., D.

Outlook: Riley, an honorable-mention All-American last spring, scored 60 goals, handed out 26 assists and controlled 81 ground balls. She might be the best player in the county this year. And she is joined by an outstanding line defender in Nye. Marion is a quality player, and Tobin said we should see "great things" from Barry. She also has high expectations for junior attacker Lorrie Estes. A couple of needed additions are senior defender Cassidie Dunbar, a soccer standout who has "picked up the game real quick," Tobin said, and freshman midfielder Lorie Zamrippa, a speedster who runs track. But none of this should add up to a return trip to the states. Seven starters graduated, including goalkeeper Amy Davis and defender Amy Voight. "There are always big concerns," Tobin said. "This one is bigger than most." Seniors Dawn Dugan and Megan Schuler are vying for Davis' spot, and Tobin said "it's a flip of the coin." Much of the defense is inexperienced, and a major concern to Tobin. "This is a young, young team. It will be a challenge," she said. Newcomers include junior Maura Smith (A), and sophomores Cortney Belt (D), Caitlin McElhenny (A) and Lauren Walerysack (M).

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