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Flames erupt from dryer, 3 people forced from house


Three people, including a 3-year-old boy, were forced out of their home in the 1300 block of Baltimore Blvd. yesterday morning when a clothes dryer ignited on an enclosed porch. No one was injured.

"I placed clothes in the dryer and started the machine and saw a spark at the rear," said Toni Lee Carmine, who lives in the Reese-area house. "Almost immediately, there were flames coming from the dryer. I called 911 and then ran upstairs to get my son Logan, who was still in bed sleeping."

Ms. Carmine said she called to her father, Ed Gaskin, who was in bed reading and led her son and their black Labrador retriever to the family car.

The woman said she ran back into the house to call 911 again as the flames started up the wall.

Firefighters from Reese and Westminster confined the blaze to the dryer and the enclosed porch. Fire officials determined that the heavy electric cord of the dryer had burned through, though the exact cause was still under investigation yesterday evening.


* Westminster: A resident of East Main Street reported that someone broke into her house Monday and stole items valued at $825.

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