25 Years Ago (week of March 8-14,...


25 Years Ago (week of March 8-14, 1970)

* The Elkridge Rotary Club requested that the Howard County Department of Public Works change the name of Lateral Avenue in Elkridge to Brumbaugh Street. The organization wished to honor local physician Bruce Brumbaugh, M.D., who had served as the community's general practitioner for more than 50 years.

* A public hearing was held for a proposed "conflict of interest" bill introduced before the County Council. In addition to defining and prohibiting various forms of conflict of interest, the bill demanded full disclosure of the personal holdings of elected and appointed officials in the county government.

50 Years Ago (Week of March 11-17, 1945):

* Five men were arrested near Glenwood and charged with operating a still.

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