Ice skating club, top skaters to perform 'The Sound of Music'

It was great fun to watch the world ice skating championships last weekend. Take the grace of ballet, combine it with the power of gymnastics, the speed of cheetahs and the costuming of Busby Berkeley and you have a perennially favorite sport.

Television gives us great close-ups of the performers leaping, but the tight shots and flowing camera angles hide how fast the skaters are moving.


Each leap covers an enormous distance. Well, we are lucky that it's just about that time again, when we can all see a fantastic performance on ice by nationally ranked skaters.

We even get a plot. I'm referring, of course, to the Columbia Ice Skating club's annual spring extravaganza.


This year, the club and its guest skaters, including one from Laurel, will perform "The Sound Of Music," at the Columbia Ice rink at the Oakland Mills Village Center.

Observant skating fans might recognized the guest skaters. Pam Duane is a nationally ranked competitor. Scott Gregory was a member of both the 1984 and 1988 Olympic teams. Scott Smith has placed fourth in the Nationals.

Among the other familiar faces in the company, look for Laurel resident Anna Campos, in the role of Anna von Trapp. Ms. Campos' mother, Paula Campos, is very active in the skating club, sitting on the Board of Governors and chairing the Testing, Sanctions and Competitions committee.

Local skaters Lora Anderson, Janet Freeman, Megan Freer, Brynn Harbert, Vicki Harbert (vice president elect of the club), Bruno Jerry and Marsha Turner will also perform.

There's a dress rehearsal preview performance March 30 at 6 p.m. exclusively for senior citizens, Scout troops, church groups and members of such nonprofit organizations.

Tickets are $4 instead of $10. Although some of the guest performers may not be there, these tickets sell out fast, so get your group's requests in early.

For the rest of us, "The Sound of Music" will be performed four times, on April 1 at 3 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. and on April 2 at 1 p.m. and 4:30 p.m.

Tickets are $10 for adults, $8 for children under 12 but over 2, under 2 free. Tickets can be purchased at the Columbia Ice Rink Office.


Call (410) 730-0322 for additional information.


The Savage Boys and Girls Basketball scores for the week are as follows:

In the Instructional league, the Bucks beat the Cavaliers, 29-10. Erdem Mustafa led the scoring for the Bucks with 17, followed by P. C. Pucci with 8 points and David Lee with 3 points. James Rogers, Robby Exler and Bradley Abt led the Cavaliers.

The Hawkeyes then beat the Bucks, 32-19. Mike Feighner, Robert Giles and Christopher Kelley led the Hawkeyes. Erdem Mustafa, Jeff Kessler and Mathew Patterson led the Bucks.

The Spartans won over the Hoosiers 40-23 in a terrifically exciting game. Kevin Showe, Scott Peddicord and Scott Shores led the Spartans. Jimmy List, Nicole Malczewski and Brian Stone played a terrific game for the Hoosiers.


The Gophers beat the Lions, 30-26. Paul Johnsen, Scott Owens and Teddy Pope led the Gophers. Teddy Young, Michael Panzera and Chris Dooley led the Lions.

In the Junior League, the Badgers defeated the Wildcats, 47-29. Mansoor Ahmed, Steven Taylor and Matt Webner led the Badgers to victory. Daniel Konopacki, Jess Erbacher and Kwang Kim led the Wildcats.


The La Leche League of Savage/North Laurel will meet April 5 at the Savage Public Library's meeting room.

This month's topic is "Why Breastfeed Beyond Three Months?"

All expectant or nursing mothers are welcome, as are children. Please bring quiet toys for the tots, though. While there, check out the fantastic collection of board books and toys for little ones from the library's collection. It's a great resource for harried parents.


For more information about the La Leche League call Cindy Clemens at (301) 604-4964 or Kim Wissman at (301) 854-5568.


The Montpelier Cultural Arts Center continues its spring recital series with a concert by harpsichordist Vera Kochanowsky on March 26 at 3 p.m.

The harpsichord is an earlier version of the piano.

It cannot get as loud as a piano, nor does it have the lower registers, but it does produce a lovely light sound, perfect for intimate spaces and small rooms.

The concerts are free, but reservations are required as the concert room is small.


Montpelier's phone numbers are (301) 953-1993 or (410) 792-0664. The address is 12826 Laurel Bowie Road.