Error means red faces for school officials


Carroll County school officials are red-faced about a typographical error in a benefits brochure sent to their 2,544 employees.

The brochure's cover, printed in bold script letters on pale yellow paper, should read, "Your Personal Wage and Benefit Statement for 1994-1995 from Carroll County Public Schools."

But "Public" appears without the "l."

"It's the kind of error you pray will never happen," said William Hyde, assistant superintendent of administration. "Yes, periodically, we pray, although we aren't supposed to."

The education staff used its internal distribution system to send the publication with personal benefit statements to each employee.

Before the brochure went to print, the personnel department circulated a draft copy to several heavily degreed administrators.

"All of us . . . reviewed the draft and none of us picked up on the mistake," Mr. Hyde said. "The error didn't come up on the [computer] spell-check because it is a word."

Mr. Hyde's staff told him of the error when he returned yesterday from a short vacation. "I would have to say the buck stops here with me," he said.

Other than profuse apologies from his staff, he has heard few other reactions to the mistake.

"I am sure some are making great sport of it," he said. "It's just one of those mistakes we missed."

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