Bell Atlantic to introduce 'T-mail' test


WASHINGTON -- Bell Atlantic Corp. said yesterday that it will introduce a service in Montgomery County Monday that will leave a voice message for an individual or up to 75 other customers with a single call.

Bell Atlantic executives suggested numerous applications: Little

League coaches will be able to spread the news of a game cancellation to every team member with one call. Night owls can leave voice messages for sleeping friends without ringing their phones. Schools can more easily notify teachers of snow cancellations.

The "T-mail" service will be offered to 400,000 customers in Montgomery County as a trial. If the service is successful, it could be offered in the Baltimore area and other Bell Atlantic markets by the end of the year, said Bruce Gordon, Bell Atlantic's group president for consumer and small business services.

The service will be free for the first two months, but after that the caller will pay 25 cents for each person who receives a message. A single call to a preprogrammed list of 75 numbers would cost $18.75.

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