Jagger-Tisch films to be 'mainstream but eccentric'


In the latest instance of entertainment industry superstars joining forces to form filmmaking ventures, rock icon Mick Jagger and "Forrest Gump" co-producer Steve Tisch have formed a production company.

The lead singer of the Rolling Stones closed the deal with one of the key players behind the best picture nominee two weeks ago. A few days earlier, Mr. Jagger's company, Jagged Films, set up shop in Mr. Tisch's offices. And the duo are in the process of registering the name of their joint venture, Lip Service.

"We get along and we have similar taste," Mr. Tisch said. "I'm at a point in my career where having fun making movies is pretty high up there in my list of priorities, and that means being less motivated by the deal and more by who I will be working with. I also think there's real magic about Mick Jagger that will enhance our ability to attract actors, writers, directors and material to this venture."

The new company has no projects lined up yet, but a priority will be developing a film about the music business, Mr. Tisch said. Mr. Jagger and Mr. Tisch are sifting through scripts, and after the rocker finishes the "Voodoo Lounge" tour in August, he plans to spend more time developing material and meeting with writers and directors.

"The projects with Steve are going to be mainstream but eccentric," Mr. Jagger said in a telephone interview from Tokyo. "I'm not going to define them any more than that because we have yet to define them ourselves. They're not going to be art films."

Mr. Tisch said the pair have no set timetable or studio deals for their joint projects.

"When people declare goals and budgets and output deals and slates of films, they're opening themselves up for questions down the line," Mr. Tisch said. "This may sound very simplistic but we're two guys hopefully who are going to make some movies and have some fun doing it."

Known as a voracious reader, Mr. Jagger formed Jagged Films 2 1/2 years ago. The company had a first-look deal with New Regency Productions that expired at the end of last year. Jagged Films will continue to develop projects on its own and with New Regency, said Victoria Pearman, Jagged vice president and a former New Regency executive.

Mr. Tisch and Mr. Jagger, who've known each other socially for more than five years, first began talking business a few years ago when the rocker was talking to producers about a project starring himself and David Bowie. They began discussing the possibility of forming their own company a year and a half ago.

Although Mr. Jagger has appeared in three films and is still keen on acting, the deal with Mr. Tisch is not designed to produce acting vehicles for the rock star. "It may transpire that there's a wonderful role he's right for and he wants to do, but it's not a vanity situation," Ms. Pearman said.

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