Jack Voigt

What he would be doing if there were no strike: Voigt would be attempting to retain his spot as a fourth or fifth outfielder for the Orioles against the likes of Damon Buford and Sherman Obando. Voigt is out of options, meaning the Orioles must keep him, trade him or waive him to the minor leagues.

What he's doing instead: Voigt is waiting for a resolution of the strike at his home in Venice, Fla., working out regularly.

How he thinks the labor strife has reached its current state: "I don't really know. I think if we knew that, the negotiation teams would have dealt with [the strike] a long time ago and we'd be out of this -- both sides, although I think the players have tried a little harder to make a deal. Hopefully, with the National Labor Relations Board ruling coming out, this will spur some more discussions."

How he thinks the labor strife will be resolved: "They need to get back to the table. You can't make a deal by sitting at home. The players have been willing to deal at whatever time, whatever place. . . . The owners might have to [reconsider] their stance now. The main thing is to get a deal -- some kind of deal."

Who he's picking in the NCAA tournament: "Kentucky. They know how to win. They've got a very long tradition. Plus they're a Southeastern Conference school, and being from LSU, I've got to go for them. UCLA could be there, although they may get upset in the first three games."

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