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Night clerk fends off robbers at Laurel motel


A night clerk at a Laurel motel thwarted a robbery Monday morning by throwing a roll of quarters at one of the bandits, county police said.

Two men came into the Holiday Inn in the 3400 block of Fort Meade Road shortly before 1 a.m., police said. The men asked the clerk to give them change for a dollar, then one of them jumped over the counter and started taking money out of the cash register. The accomplice acted as a lookout.

The clerk told police that he picked up a roll of quarters and threw them at the man behind the counter. The man then turned around and punched the clerk in the face, police said.

The robbers then fled from the motel. A K-9 dog tracked them as far as russett green before losing their trail, police said.

Thieves steal air compressors

Someone stole two air compressors worth nearly $2,200 from Atlantic Irrigation during the weekend, county police said.

There was no forced entry at the building, which is in the 1300 block of Defense Highway. The theft occurred between 5 p.m. Friday and 7 a.m. Monday. Police believe the thieves may have had a key.

Execution of the theft would have required at least two people, since each machine weighs about 300 pounds, police said. The thieves stole an Emglo compressor worth $1,600 and a Speedair compressor worth $586, police said.

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