..."TC T% From The Sun March 12-18,...


..."TC T% From The Sun March 12-18, 1845

March 14: Dedication of St. Alphonsus' Church -- This magnificent church will be dedicated this morning, between nine and ten o'clock, by the Most Rev. Archbishop Eccleston, assisted by numerous clergy of the city.

March 17: It will be seen by the report of the proceedings in the city council that an ordinance to prevent smoking pipes and segars in the streets and markets has passed the second branch.

From The Sun March 12-18, 1895

March 12: At 8 o'clock last night the Baltimore Base-ball Club left Camden Station for Macon, Ga., where it will begin spring practice tomorrow morning.

March 13: The superiority of Maryland's fowl, like that of her oysters and diamond-back terrapin, is recognized outside of the state. A Baltimore dealer has a contract for Atlantic City to supply 2,000 pounds of poultry a week.

From The Sun March 12-18, 1945

March 13: RICHMOND, VA. -- A case involving refusal by the Enoch Pratt Free Library to admit a young Negro to a library training course will be argued Thursday before the United States Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.

March 15: A bill to bar payment of direct relief funds to any able-bodied person who had not been a resident of Maryland for five years was introduced in the House today by Delegate John H. Reed (D. Fifth Baltimore).

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