Woman rolls perfect game in G. Burnie


Bowl America Glen Burnie has been sitting in the heart of Glen Burnie for many years. A lot of fine scores have been posted in the 48-lane tenpin house. It would be difficult to count the 800 sets and 300 games by men over the years.

What about the women?

"I'm pretty sure that she's the first one to do it," said Chuck Kelly, manager of Bowl America Glen Burnie. "I know that I don't remember any women doing it."

"She" is Bec Hebler of Pasadena, and "it" was a perfect game.

Last month, Hebler opened her Thursday league with a 212 game; she finished with a 181. But that middle game was the big one.

"The best game I'd ever had before that night was 269," she said. "When I threw the 300 I wasn't doing anything different, I just sat down between frames and worked on the puzzle. After the perfect game I was a nervous wreck, that's why the last game was only a 181."

She does all of her bowling at Bowl America. On Monday it's the Old Mill league, Thursday in the Bellringers and Saturday in the Mix-Ups. In addition to the weekly leagues, she bowls in two travel leagues, the Challengers and the Bay Voyagers. She's been bowling for 10 years.

"This is my first year to bowl in five leagues," Hebler said. "I feel that the increased competition has helped my game. Certainly the travel leagues help because you have to adjust to different lane conditions."

The hard-throwing right-hander with a "little hook," has a career high set of 669. She's averaging 182.

And she has a unique method for dealing with the pressure of competitive bowling.

"I like to work the [crossword] puzzles when I'm off the lanes," Hebler said with a laugh. "It's just a way for me not to be distracted by what's happening with the other bowlers. It relaxes me, helps me keep calm."

Seniors tournament

The Eastern Seniors Tournament Association presented a tournament on Feb. 12 at Greenway Odenton.

"This year all the tournaments are sanctioned," said Joani Clark, director. "And membership keeps climbing. It should reach 230 this season. We had 86 entries in this tournament alone."

And some fine senior tenpin bowlers on the lanes, such as Percy Mack, coach at Catonsville Community College, Francis Smoot, Terry Logan and George Joynes.

Logan, top seeded after qualifying rounds, lost to Joynes in the title match, 211-177, with the victor receiving $800 and the runner-up $400.

"This year ESTA is starting a bonus point system," Clark said. "Points will be awarded based on the finishes in the 1995 tournaments. Total points can earn a bowler a spot in the December 1995 Joe Nagy Memorial Championship. The first-place price for that event will be a minimum of $1,500."

Youth tournaments

The Parents Coaches Association will play host to the PCA Annual Youth Open to benefit the scholarship fund next Sunday at Bowl America Odenton.

This handicap event features team competition as well as doubles and singles in three divisions based on age.

* On April 23, Bowl America Odenton will play host to the PCA third annual Scholarship Tournament. Bowlers will compete for over $1,500 in scholarship money. This event features a stepladder final in each of the four divisions.

Information: (301) 621-7008.

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