Best potential quarterfinal: Wake Forest vs. Duke. A bottom seed has beaten a top seed only once in tournament history, when Maryland upset North Carolina in Bob Wade's last game back in 1989. The Blue Devils are long overdue this season, and maybe sidelined coach Mike Krzyzewski fired them up by running practice earlier this week.

Worst potential quarterfinal: North Carolina vs. Clemson. Rasheed Wallace vs. Iker Iturbe; need we say more? How about Jeff McInnis, quietly becoming one of the ACC's top point guards, vs. Billy Harder? Ironically, the best individual matchup is between freshman Greg Buckner and Jerry Stackhouse. One good thing, the quicker this one ends, the earlier Maryland-Florida State will start.

Best individual quarterfinal matchup: Virginia's Harold Deane vs. Georgia Tech's Travis Best. Both were second-team all-league selections, but you could make a case for either one of them being on the first team. Both have kept their teams going despite injuries to other key players (Cory Alexander of Virginia, James Forrest of Georgia Tech). Even though Forrest has returned, Deane has better support.

Worst individual quarterfinal matchup: North Carolina's Rasheed Wallace vs. Clemson's Iker Iturbe. Enough said.

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