Bill would allow donations for prisons


Allowing citizens to donate money to a fund established for building prisons would give them an opportunity to do something about the growing crime problem, Del. Joseph M. Getty told the House Ways and Means Committee Tuesday.

The bill "could be called the Citizens Against Crime Empowerment Act," Delegate Getty said in support of his proposal to create a check-off on state income tax forms similar to those used for the Chesapeake Bay and Endangered Species Fund.

"People are scared of crime and are frustrated at our government's inability to adequately respond," he said. "People want to do something about it themselves.

"Surely it just makes common sense to provide the concerned taxpayers of Maryland a convenient and easy manner to back up their beliefs with their wallets."

Delegate Getty, a Republican from Manchester, told the committee the idea for the bill originated with Carroll County State's Attorney Jerry Barnes, whose wife, Carmen Amedori, spoke in support of the bill yesterday.

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