Only 2 candidates apply for board


Only one candidate had applied for each of the two open seats on the county school board by the time nominations closed last week. Now Anne Arundel County Executive John G. Gary wants the School Board Nominating Convention Committee consider re-opening the nominations.

But the committee's vice chairman, Chuck Mosca, said the committee can't do that because it already has scheduled hearings and can't change the schedule.

"We schedule the hearings a year in advance to be sure we can use the school buildings," Mr. Mosca said. "We're bound by the )) preset schedule."

The deadline was extended last year, but that was "because of the bad weather," he said.

Those who have applied are Thomas Twombly, a 38-year-old Pasadena resident who is seeking his second five-year term as the District 31 representative, and Francis A. "Paco" DeBartolomeo, a 41-year-old Tracy's Landing resident who is seeking the District 29A/30 seat.

That seat is being vacated by Dorothy Chaney, who will finish her second five-year term in June.

Anne Arundel's seven adult school board members are appointed by the governor, based on the advice of the county executive.

The nominating convention, a citizens committee created by community groups, conducts a series of public forums at which school board candidates can be questioned. The convention delegates vote and submit the name of the top two vote-getters to the executive and the governor.

Seven times in recent years, the governor has ignored the convention's top choice. But Mr. Mosca and other members of the committee maintain that the convention process remains the best way for residents to voice their opinions about school board candidates.

Delegates from community groups can register for the convention through April 20.

The committee has scheduled a press conference for 7 p.m. March 29 in the lobby of The Arundel Center on Calvert Street in Annapolis.

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