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College asking $4.5 million capital budget


The Anne Arundel Community College board of trustees last night adopted a $4.5 million capital budget for the 1996 fiscal year, $4.1 million less than the previous budget.

The budget proposal, which will be submitted to County Executive John G. Gary tomorrow, would give the school money to finish a fine arts building, renovate the science building and connect the campus' computers with a fiber optic link.

The college is asking $2 million to complete the fine arts building, slightly more than $2 million for renovations to the science building and $500,000 for the fiber optic link. The college is asking to keep $712,000 in state money it saved from the previous year's construction projects. The money is not included in the $4.5 million request.

Groundbreaking on the fine arts building is expected in early fall. About $8.6 million is allocated in the current capital budget to build the 59,000-square-foot building that is to include an amphitheater, dance studio, music labs, art gallery and media studio. About $972,000 of this year's $2 million request is to be used to buy furniture and equipment.

The college plans to build two new classrooms and two laboratories in the science building with the requested funds. The money also would be used to update the building's heating and air conditioning systems.

The fiber optic link would enable the college to create a campus-wide computer link. In the future, the school hopes to establish computer access to the county public library system and other off-campus locations.

Among other projects included in the budget are a $300,000 campus traffic study and road modification, and $35,000 for a study on the campus use of pedestrian and traffic signs.

The school hopes to place the new signs on campus in the 1996-1997 school year.

The budget also lists $60,000 in campus improvements and $52,000 for projects to go beyond requirements of the Americans With Disabilities Act.

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