Member of moving crew accused of jewelry theft


County police arrested a member of a moving crew Saturday night and charged him with stealing more than $17,000 worth of jewelry from a safe.

Police said Ejner James Johnson Jr., 36, called them around 9:30 p.m. Saturday when he realized that his safe had not made the trip to his new home in the 8300 block of Scarlet Glen Court in Millersville.

While Mr. Johnson and Officer Ross Passman checked the old residence in the 400 block of Buckspur Court, Sgt. Gregory Eshelman held the five crew members from Phillips Moving and Storage Co. The men were in two trucks at the Millersville home.

Officer Passman found the safe in the back yard of the house on Buckspur Court, police said. It had been pried open. Officer Passman and Mr. Johnson found the jewelry in one of the trucks when they returned, police said.

Eric Lamondas Hill, 24, of the 1900 block of Copeland St. in Annapolis, was charged with felony theft, police said.

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